I am not hungry. I just want to chew something that does not taste like bubblegum. I am bored and can't get out of it. Boredom makes me think of food. An apple at least. Oh come on, that's like nothing! Nothing? Oh, it's way more than that. You don't need it anyway. You're not hungry. You just want to chew. You'll chew something in the evening. Cottage cheese and an apple. It's already waiting for you in the fridge. Seven hours to go. That's not so much. If you eat now, you can't eat in the evening. And you know that you'll be really hungry then. You're not hungry now. So calm down. You got diet coke. And coffee. And cigarettes! What could you need more? See. Everything's fine. Just fine. You're not hungry.


nadja said...

leni, thanks for commenting on my blog! i'm reading through your posts right now and feel happy that i found your blog :-)


Anonymous said...

does it work? i guess i should try,posting smth like this,
maybe you can just split like apple now,cottage cheese in the evening..?:)

lisa said...

i so know what you mean... this christmas break killed me, i have never been that bored before. and i love it how you count til you can eat again. i used to do that a lot. maybe i should go back to that. i does help a lot. i hope you could resist!
btw, awesome blog! i added you to my favs :)

simonnelaura said...

You're amazing.

WendyPadro said...

I'm so happy I found your blog, =)

DontPukeInMyWellies said...

You got it to a T here!