I am sick. Cold. Fever. Everything. 260 cals intake today. 500 burned off by bking and situps. I just can't stop excercising even when I am ill.

Tomorrow I'll meet my friend. The one I told you about. The friend who did not reply to emails. She called me like eight times and finally I picked up the phone and talked to her. She was busy travelling through the whole country (she's working like everywhere these days) and hadn't access to her email account every day. Anyway, she stops by here on Sunday and we will meet. She cried on the phone yesterday because she was so scared I could... end all this... and she wasn't there for me. 

I am strangly afraid of seing her. Like at our first meeting because she is so beautiful and thin and I am not. I always tend to feel like the uggly duckling next to her. There's always this huge discrepance between loving to have her around (since she literally is the ONLY ONE who ever understood and I really love her as a friend) and feeling bad after meeting her because at some point I always start thinking "Why can't I be more like her?"

There was a weird situation in the office on Friday: We're three people in one room, a man, two women. The other girl said that she trained for 45 minutes on the ergo bike the evening before and the boy said (funny): "Yes, I already wanted to tell you that you look thinner!". I answered (also as a joke): "I am training like hell every f*cking day and you never told me that I look thin!". Both replied: "You're already a stick figure anyway. There is nothing to lose. And if you would lose, we wouln't tell you our congrats, but send you to hospital."

I went to the bathroom straight afterwards to look in the mirror - and still there was this fat monster. I wonder how blind people can be to see me thin...

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Jenna said...

Have fun with your friend-- I hope it turns out well.

And you are SO LUCKY to have people call you a stick figure! Validation is amazing!