Something ends, something new will begin. So let's end this self torturing behaviour of waiting for a call and start focussing on what's really important.

Had a horrible binge on Friday. With lots and lots of bread. Got the bill for that after a few hours. I am actually allergic to amylum. Normally just when it comes too often and in too huge masses, but this time four croissants were enough to make me look like a balloon. My face got swollen, so did my eyes (couldn't hardly open them), stomach hurt badly and everything. I think the less I eat bread (and similar stuff) the worse the allergical reaction gets...

Anyway, it's a good thing (yes, I am crazy), because you never ever want to look like that again! At least as long as you remember the "thing" in the mirror, which you can normally for at least a month.

Taking a glimpse in the mirror and seing such a swollen monster is extremely scary and ugly. And probably the best reverse thinpo and the best motivation you can ever get. It makes you look as if you have like 15 kilos more on your hips... And this is for sure the most horrifying impression you can ever get.

So I got the idea that one fasting day per week would be fine. Diet coke, water, coffee and if the hunger gets too bad a max of 500 ml low cal chicken broth.

Such a day would be a good "cleaner" and additionally boost the metabolism.

Now I've only to figur out which day of the week would suit this fast best. Probably a Friday or something. Anyway, looking forward to my new plan! I really need to get back in shape...

So it gave me a good boost for cutting down food even more. Additionally this huge amount of carbs really pushed my metabolism and the day after I did not feel fatter, but thinner. Well, won't do that again (the eating), but got calmed down a bit, which was really neccessary after this binge eating out of frustration over the lost friend.


Jenna said...

How are you feeling now? Still swollen?

Question-- does fasting actually boost metabolism? I was under the impression that it slows it down and that binging speeds it up. Am I terribly wrong?

One fast day a week is a great goal!

(And thanks for your comments on my blog.)

hey.hana said...

I kinda know how you feel about your old friend not responding to your e mails... My old BFF went away to Spain and has ignored all but one of my e mails and facebook comments.

It sucks, but in the grand scheme of things... At least it doesn't make you fatter