Hate / Love

I write a blog on a woman magazine's website since quite some years. This is also were I met the woman who now caused me a lot of sorrow and anger. Who I thought to be my best friend until she left me - see the whole story some posts below.

To cut a long story short: She left a comment there. She didn't reply to my email for another week, then left for vacation, but now posted a comment on my blog: "You know where to find me. I am looking forward to you!!!"

And now I am totally confused. I am angry and excited at the same time. Probably because I still like her a lot. Nevertheless my head tells me that I should get rid off her because of the way she treated me. And my gut feeling says I should stick with her because she is/was so important for me.


hey.hana said...

E mails are hard! Sometimes I start writing comments and just stop b/c I don't want to say something unless I really have something to say.

Perhaps she just wanted to get the words right...?

My phrase of the day is to not burn any bridges... But also do what's right for you.

Hope I helped somewhat...

nadja said...

i always think you should go with your gut feeling. maybe it's all a misunderstanding, and she really wants to be your friend?

take care, leni.

belle svelte said...

i feel like you gave me the verbal slapping that I deserved...and very much needed. I spent most of the weekend reflecting on what you said as I think alot of it goes beyond the post/situation...it really describes the cycle i've gotten into.

no one has ever been that honest, and I thank you for sharing that.