A Matter of Strength

This will be the first day of work again after a long time. I remember I always was happy when I could go to work instead of sitting bored at home trying to distract me from eating. But now I am not yet sure what to make out of it. Being at work also means being close to all kinds of - mostly bad - foods. I am working in the middle of the city and a million bakeries, supermarkets, and take away's are close. So will I be tough enough to resist? Tough enough to refuse?

I was in the last summer. I wasn't in autumn.
But it's just a matter of strength of the will, right? If you want it, you can do it. Whatever you want, whenever you want. And all I want is to become thin.

I don't want to feel this fat on me anymore. I don't want that pulpy meat around my hips, in my face, on my arms, on my belly. I want tight skin, bones, nothing flabby.


Jenna said...

I know the feeling...

You might want to try leaving your wallet at home. That way its more difficult to make an impulse food purchase.

Good luck!

Leni said...

That's actually a good idea. No money, no food. Thanks!

Pandasoppa said...

but really, will you ever be thin enough? will you get happy by losing some of your body? put your life in a perspective. its quite short, and do you rather worry about caloriues and hate your body
or do you want to live instead?

i am trying to figure out this proana thing still,a nd i hope it it ok with you that i linked to your site from mine since i used som pics i found here of the 32 kgs model. if not, please tell me.

hope you get happy, whatever you do
love from sweden!