How could you not...

Two hours ago I had dinner (one slice of bread with yoghurt cheese and a slice of sweet pepper) and was prosecuted with heavy stomach ache soon afterwards.

It's not just my head who refuses to eat.

How can you not hate food in moments like these, when you are convulsed with pain, when everything hurts and it feels like your tummy would be torn apart? How can you not wish for never ever having to eat again?

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Anonymous said...

i dont unterstand you
someday you will get thin and what do you want to do then? nobody will love you more, because you re thin. nobody will respect you more than now, because you re thin. you should love you the way you are. i saw many girls that aren t thin but they love themselves and just their charisma makes them sexy. you are absolutely deepened in counting calories that you don t see that the thinness and all these absurd calories generally aren t the sense of life. certain you won t agree with my position but i wish that you do. sry if there are faults. i m from germany so don t wonder if there are some.