Calmed down

After some hysteric days I finally calmed down a bit. I am still worried, though, but I came to the conclusion that it is "ok" that it takes some more time to adjust myself again after the IP. Me and my habbits were changed over 10 months, so it will naturally take longer than 30 days to get back to my old shape. Nevertheless this is no excuse for binging all day like I did several times during the last weeks. I just have to try harder and remind myself every single day of my goal. It's not easy, of course - but who said it would?!

I thought about what could make it easier for me to get back to my "pre-IP-status". I tried some sort of food journals, for example. Private on paper as well as public on a forum. Both didn't work out for me since I think there was no "pressure" and I cheated on myself by just not writing something down, leaving a whole day out or not posting. But I figured out that I need this pressure (to openly display my success or failure) to stay strong and follow my own rules. I am still too weak to only rely on myself. So I need to find a solution for my dilemma. I will.

Anyway, I new start now. All over again.

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Madame Hollywood said...

Hey sweetie,

You know you'll get yourself out of this rutt.. it happens to us all. You've gotten out of it before, and you can sure as hell do it again!
I find that if I make sure I keep posting on the forum, I feel more pressure to achieve my weights and restrict my eating habits. After all, I don't wanna be embarrassed in front of the girls!
I find that when I sway away from the forum, or my blog, I tend to gain. Keep in contact every day and I promise I'll push you to be stronger :)
love ya