Drunkorexia - not for me

First there was diabulimia. Now there is drunkorexia -- another new and buzzworthy term for some not-so-new behavior: self-imposed starvation or bingeing and purging, combined with alcohol abuse. According to this report on The Morning Show, 30% of US women ages 18-23 restrict food calories so they can drink more and not gain weight from their alcohol consumption.

Let me think: One glass of beer would equal my calorie intake of a day. So to be an "drunkorexic" I'd skip all my food and just drink that beer. And would probably end up sunk down in a corner being totally drunk.

For whom does this work? Alcohol has loads of calories - no one, except binge-eaters maybe, would be able to eat anything anymore when they want to drink a white russian, a mojito or a beer in the evening!


Anonymous said...

i don't drink alcohol- there's calories in that shit!

Anonymous said...

yes alcohol is calorie loaded...but hard alcohol has less calories (eg. shot of vodka 80 proof...55 kcal for a shot mix it with diet coke and easy buzz). beer is a a total waste and so is wine...if youre gonna drink do licquor and diet drink!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's a good idea not to eat the whole day to drink at evening. And then I drin diet Coke and rum. And because of the not eating i'm faster drunken, so that I don't have as much calories as i would have eaten that day -> 800 kcal.

Anonymous said...

I have about 400 liquid calories per work day and drink 3-4 beers after work and because of my weight, I'm smashed by 9pm. 115lb at 30 years old, goal is 100lb and between exercise and consumption levels, should be there in no time. Pro-drunkana