This is no cryptical number, but my life. Everything circles around these numbers. They specify how much I eat and when I do eat it. 200 cals on Monday, 400 cals on Tuesday, 200 cals on Wednesday, 400 cals on Thursday, 200 cals on Friday, 800 cals on Saturday and Sunday. 800 cals are already a huge challenge and always linked with a big inner struggle, with disgust, horror, and a lot of stress. But I must keep my metabolism high with that, so that it doesn't go into starvation mode and I don't lose anything anymore. And I also do it, because I have a magical weight border I don't want to go below. I am older, wiser and more realistic than I was with 15 or 16: I don't want to have a BMI about 13 anymore.

But in times like these, after an "Easter Binge", the plan mentioned above is suspended. Liquid fasting is what it's all about now. Coffee, low fat milk, maybe a bit of chicken or vegetable broth, maybe an Optiwell drink (42 cals each! Eeeek!) and lots of diet coke to still the craving for sweets.

200 cals max until the end of the week. That should almost undo the ultimate worse case scenerio of this year's Easter. Together with the 2 times a week running and the daily situp routine, of course. Nothing comes from nothing.

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