New Rules

- do not eat before 2 p.m. 
- do not eat after 10 p.m. 
- do not eat more than 150 cals at once 
- do not eat more often than once every two hours 
- do not eat fat at all 
- do not eat sugar, except fruit sugar 
- do not eat chocolate in any form or shape, no matter what 
- do not have yoghurt drinks - they won't fill your stomach, are consumed to fast, have large amount of cals, and come in too big sizes 
- do not eat dairy products with more than 0,1 % fat 

- eat fruit / drink diet coke to tame your sweet tooth 
- eat vegetables to fill your stomach 
- eat meat only if necessary; get your protein from dairy products 
- drink 0.2 litres of water before every meal 
- drink 2 litres of pure water everyday 
- drink 2 cups of nettle tea to dehydrate and detox every day 
- drink 1 - 2 sugarfree energy drinks every day to keep your metabolism high 

- excercise for at least an hour everyday (running, biking) 
- do 100 situps every day before going to work 
- try to be in motion as often as possible, even if it's just swinging your foot 
- do not take public transport, but go everywhere by bike or foot


Tomorrow is the first weigh in (at PAM's Café - Thin for summer competition) after the competition started. I am quite scared because I really was too often too weak last week. This is why I created my new rules. The upcoming days must be better, my weight loss at the next weigh in must be much more than this time. I really hope to get down to 50 (and maybe even below) within the next 8 days. This MUST be doable.


Vee said...

good luck! :)
i just watned to let you know i started a new blog and added you to my blog roll i hope thts okay :)

Anonymous said...

i think all this anorexia is ruining your grammar!!!!

sophie_fatass said...

good luck, i know you'll do well xxx

Anonymous said...

you have a serious psychological disorder and should seek treatment.

or you will die.

Anonymous said...

Stop being freaking haters!!!!!!