Starting all over: A challenge is to come

_I want to be thin, very thin
_25 inch jeans should look loose
_I want to be skinnier than my friend Y.
_I want to get rid off most of my body fat
_I want to have pencil legs
_I want a stick figure
_I want to see sinews and muscles under my skin
_I want people to notice that I get less and less
_I want people to see and say that I am thin
_I want a huge gab between my thighs
_I want a sharp edged face
_I want to be able to live on oxygen

I'd like to start a challenge. A serious one. Someone's gonna up to join? Lose as many pounds as possible. I'm at 116 now. By the end of July I want to be 105 max. 


Lardy Laur said...

let's do it babe
i want to be 156lbs max

Lardy Laur said...

p.s. i'm an elephant next to you

Leni said...

You're not an elephant. You're much taller than I am!

So, great you join! 11 lbs to go. Starting tomorrow. Do you have a special plan? I think I kick it off with a liquid fast...

Lardy Laur said...

i think i'm 168lbs now
gym and fast i think

Leni said...

Doing a fast for such a long time wouldn't be a good idea, I think. Excercising and restricting (lowcal with variation) should be "the key to success". At least this is what I hope for....

belle svelte said...

130 lbs right now. i know tell me about it. i am bitching to everyone so i can finally stick it in my head that eating that extra 10 cals is NOT okay.

i don't know how much I'll weight by the end of July, but hopefully..it'll be less than I am right now.

Chani90 said...

58 kg right now..
How much is it in lbs?
I want sooo much to be under 50 kg... I hope that I'm at least at 53 in the end of my summer vacation...

Leni said...

58 kg are 128 lbs. But I am thinking in kgs, too. :)

erika:mdz said...

I swear i would if I could.
I am desperate, so lame.