Second Day

It's the second day of my personal challenge now. Got support from some lovely girls (especially from P., who made me an awesome food plan) and still feel like I really could do it. I don't eat before 2 p.m., which really makes it easier for me to control my intake. If I crave something earlier (like today), I drink Pepsi light / Coke Zero, tea, or water or have a Tic Tac or sugarfree chewing gum.

The big amount of caffeine keeps my metab high, additionally I am doing a lot of excercising (biking, running, situps).

I eat fruit, vegetables and fat free milk products like cottage cheese and yoghurt for having enough protein in my meals to be able to go on excercising.

My calorie intake is varies between 0 (one fasting day a week) and 800 cals. This variation also is good for your metabolism and stops it from slowing down.

I am always trying to stay below the max cals per day, though. That allows me to have an "extra snack" in the evening sometimes when I got "spare cals" to use up.

On Monday is weigh in. I won't step on the scale before that day. I hope I see a change then.

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