I would do anything

I would do anything to be thin. Anything. I'd take any med that supports weightloss. Ephedrinee - don't care about if it's dangerous. I'd take drugs. Junkies are always tiny. I've seen these speed queens and cocaine ladies in the tube stations and in dark corners. They've pencil legs and stick figures. I want that, too. And I'd do anything for it. 

I tried all these otc drugs. Hoodia, Trimspa. Whatever. Nothing really helped losing weight. Restricting, Fasting, Excercising, sure. But I thought these drugs would increase and speed up the weight loss. Nothing happened. Nothing worked.

I finally want a real, a working weight loss drug. No matter if it's healthy or dangerous - it must just work! That's all I want from it. 


Savory Sweet said...

omg, I've thought the same thing. Totally dabbled with the thought that maybe meth wouldn't be so bad.

I'm taking Topamax and Wellbutrin right now. The former is horrible, but it kind of helps with weight loss. But it makes my hands, feet, and face tingle, and makes me forget words and speak slow so I look like an idiot. They call it the California pill. It makes you skinny and stupid. But if it makes me thin, that's all I care about.

If you phine any Ephedrine, send some my way ;)

Tree said...

i know 2 people that are on Topamax and have lost an extreme amount of weight on it. they said it just doesn't make you hungry or something and you just don't eat.

Stick Thin said...

I know that a magic pill seems the easy way out. And yes drugs aid in making you thin. But would you be beautiful if you were on hard core drugs? or maybe you wouldn't care as long as you were thin?

Anyway to eac his own. stay safe

quehansuela said...

I was on meth it made me crazy too and I was in jail for a year don't do meth just don't eat.

Anonymous said...

Weed helps me stay thin. Which makes no sense, coz it make me really hungry, but anything i'm eat when i'm high has no impact.

So you don't eat most of the day, you go and get high and then you can eat and you don't put on :)