Day 3

I had chocolate today. 267 fricking cals. I hate me. Day 3 and I get weak. It's half past 1 pm and I already used up 80 % of my intake for today. Hardly 200 cals left. So this will be a long afternoon and evening, it seems! Going for a bike ride after work though. When everything works out as planned this will burn off 720 cals. I also could run the same route as yesterday which would add another 600 + cals to the amount of excercised of cals. Additionally being "on the move" the whole evening will keep me from stuffing my face with even more food.

It's really, really difficult right now to withstand the temptation to just shop a huge mass of chocolate and eat it within minutes. I am such a fat pig...


nadja said...

hun, 267 is nothing! don't be too hard on yourself.

Anonymous said...

What were you thinking? Chocolate!?

The next time you even THINK about chocolate get off your fat butt and do 50 jumping jacks.

..still hungry? 120 more. NO QUESTIONS.

Punish yourself BEFORE you indulge, maybe it will knock some sense into you before you do anything irrational.

<3 hope this helps.. I know i need firm guidance sometimes.

Leni said...

Kelly, it does help. Way more than "oh, that's not much, you surely haven't gained from that" could ever do. I am ashamed, really ashamed of eating now. xoxoxo