Konjac Flour Capsules

Found a great "new" hunger surpressant: konjac flour capsules. 100 capsules cost about 10 Euros and you consume up to 9 per day. So it's not so very cheap, but it's working better than Hoodia, IMHO. These capsules expand big time (up t0 200 %) in your stomach. It becomes a pasty mash in your belly, which is covered with an indigestive shell. So it stays longer in your stomach and makes you longer feel full.

Konjac flour contains protein, no carbs, no sugar, no fat, but a lot of fibre.

I take 3 capsules in the morning, 2 for dinner, 3 in the afternoon and 1 before I go to sleep. Works perfect: Full stomach, no collywobbles. Sometimes you even feel a bit sick due to the huge mass of "stuff" in your belly which additionally keeps you from being hungry. Perfect.

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