I broke my plateau! I did it! After four days of apples only and a lot of sport I am at 108 now. I came from 114 when I started on Monday! I am so happy, can't describe it with words. This is surely "my new thing". I didn't even crave anything else during the last days: no carbs, no sweets, no nothing. After the frickin' weekend where I have to eat almost normally again because I'm with my bf all the time, I will a 100% start with apples on Monday again. They will be my food of the week until I finally reached my goal. I lost 6 pounds in such a short time. So I really could make it to get rid off the rest until summer. 18 to go then I am perfect.

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Madame Hollywood said...

I'm *SOOO* F*cking proud of you! You're my hero!!!!!!!
WELL DONE HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How many apples did you eat each day? I might try it as of today, I need to start shifting this weight asap for the Wedding!

Again, I'm so proud of you :)