Bad as always

Sunday was, as always, bad. I had chocolate after dinner. Just a tiny bit, but nevertheless. And dinner also was huge. As well as lunch. Only breakfast was ok, but still I ate way too much. And it even didn't make my heart more comfortable. I have troubles with an irregular heartbeat or whatever it is since a few days. And I guess I'm off to the doctor this afternoon. It's very probably related to my "less than 200 cal"-diet of the last week, but still I hope there is another reason for it and that it will be gone soon. I'm slowly getting scared.

But anyway, I am back to basics now. I thought about having 500 cals per day. It will make me lose more slowly, but at least more healthy than having no food at all. I am not sure if I make it, though. I am really afraid of food and it will be difficult to eat generally. I've no plan yet of what to eat, but I thought about a huge green salad in the evening and a soup for lunch. And maybe an apple as a snack in the afternoon. But I am not sure if I can make it.

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