Happy Beginning of the Day

On my way to work (I go by bike everydays, 8 km each way), I stopped at a bread shop because I felt so hungry and was craving bread so much. I bought a sunflower weed wholemeal roll, which has more than 280 calories per piece, I found out at the office browsing the web. So I was strong and gave it to a colleague instead of eating it. I am still hungry, though, but I won't eat so fricking many calories just for a bread roll, for Christ's sake! I am so happy I didn't. Would have felt guilty the whole day. So I am drinking a hot sweet tea (artificial no cal sweetener, of course) with a dash of low fat milk now, had a glass of water with little lemon juice and two more konjac flour capsules (had two when I got up already).

For lunch there will be a mug of pancake soup (39 cals), as a snack half an apple (40 cals) in the afternoon and for dinner some radishs (30), with 75 g cottage cheese (52 cals) and two slices of crispbread (40).

That should do for the day.

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Madame Hollywood said...

Hey sweetie!
I'm so sorry I've not been in touch... The laptop broke down due to a mishap with Red Wine.. eek!
I'm back now but I've been away too long and lost the much needed motivation that I get from your blog, PAM, and the other girls..
I've gained almost 10lbs and now I'm fatter than I've been in years. I'm so depressed.
What's worse is I've got a wedding t go to in 4wks time and I NEED to be as thin as poss! :(
I'm so proud of your achievements! Ignore the falters you've had.. overall you're doing so amazing and you're such an inspiration to me!
Love ya
Ema x