Day 2

8:34 a.m.:
I am tired, I am thirsty, and I'm thinner. Wasn't able to get on the scale this morning, but my pair of jeans feels not so tight anymore! I won't be able to get near food (thus macadamia) until the early afternoon and I hope I can make it through my second day. I feel a slight feeling of hunger, but I hope I can "drink it away".

4:08 p.m.:
Passed the stress in the morning quite well, although I got a bit dizzy when I had to lift a lot. We had a press conference in the morning and I had to carry a lot of stuff (like roll ups, beamer, notebook, and so on). Wasn't so hungry and killed the feeling of hunger with a lot of water. Bought macadamia nuts at half past one and ate half of the can which actually didn't stop my hunger, but made it even grow. Had to hide the can in my bag now so that I stop and don't eat all nuts at once. Still a lot of hours to go until the day's over. And I know there will be more hunger soon...

6:54 p.m.:
Day two comes slowly to an end. Still about 10 nuts left, so this will be my dinner a little later. I feel tired and a bit dizzy, but ok anyway. I planned to come off Kekwick tomorrow, but obviously this won't work, since I have an appointment in the evening and I can't be at home until 10 pm or so. And I won't come off during the night when I maybe have to go to the washroom every half hour... So I'll have to add a fourth day and use the Thursday evening to get back to carbs again. This must end in a positive result then!

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