Yesterday I could avoid going to lunch with my colleagues, today it will be way more difficult. Actually today should have been my green tea day because the weekend will be "fat" again, having to eat with my bf all the time.

I am not sure yet how to get out of this. Maybe by simply pretending to have eaten already and then take only a drink.. Or a soup or something... And eat nothing more for the whole day then. Not the best, but at least a solution.

Read about the "Christian Bale Diet" yesterday. He lost like 27 kilogrammes by eating only one can of tuna and an apple a day for two months.. And I read about this Argentinian model who lived on apples and tomatoes. Maybe I should try something similar instead of fasting...

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Madame Hollywood said...

Slight temptation to attempt the Christian Bale Diet.. maybe substituting the tuna from time to time, though!
I once read that John Malkovich lost 70lbs when he was younger by eating nothing but Jelly (jello) for two whole months!!