Day 1: Done!

Day one of the Kekwick Fat Fast is over in a couple of minutes. I just have to wait until my face mask is done, then I'm off to bed. I am doing the mask because I am afraid that all the fat I am consuming will make my skin look like a pizza... LOL

Anyway, how did it went so far?

I ate about 150 grammes of macadamia nuts which make about 1.000 calories. I drank about 2 litres of pure water and took some extra vitamin c and iron. I drank three small cups of coffee, which wasn't probably the best I could do, because I think the soy milk I added (although it was little) repressed the ketosis a bit. Now, about 6 hours after the last coffee I really can feel it work.

I am freezing as hell - just as if I was on the third day of a water fast. I am a bit tired, but I don't know if it has something to do with the Kekwick. Had a 12 hours office day today, so it's probably deriving from that workload. I am not hungry at all and I don't feel sick. Well, I did for a couple of hours right after the first hand full of nuts. They're so fat that my stomach was rebelling a bit. But it calmed down after about three hours.

I plan to stay for at least another day, maybe two on the Fat Fast. And I hope I lose a lot of weight like other people did with it.

I'm a bit afraid of coming off since I heard quite terrible stories of people hanging on the toilet for hours. Obviously your intestines start moving some hours after you first consumed carbs again. So I'll make sure I'll be at home at that time. Sorry if this sounds gross.. LOL

But off for now. I'm looking forward to sleep... and to what the scale will say tomorrow morning!


Vive42 said...

congrats on making it through day one! i once did it for 4 days and it worked okay- not dramatic results like some people but i lost weight and afterwards it did what i had hoped and picked my metabolism up so i was able to keep losing :)

myself? said...