I thought I had reduced my intake and were on a good way to lose weight again. But when I put on my old trousers this morning, which were quite loose about 4 months ago, they were actually quite tight now! Oh my god, did I really gain so much weight during that time? It's horror! How could I've allowed myself to become such a fatass again?!

I really need to get all this fat off of me. I can't live with how I am. I am so ugly.


Anonymous said...

"I am so ugly."

Yes, you ARE ugly- because you are quite obviously mentally deficient. Eating a few grapes and a smidgen of cottage cheese isn't enough to keep you healthy, much less sustain you if you plan on engaging in exercise. Also, berating yourself isn't exactly the best way to go about a self-esteem boost, believe it or not. Of course, you ARE someone who enjoys hunger pangs, dramatic black & white images of emaciated women, and flour capsules, so I guess there isn't much hope for you. But please, every time you make yourself vomit, just remember the thousands upon thousands of (legitimately) starving people across the globe, and then think about how stupid and "ugly" you truly are.

mass said...

Hi Leni, the weight could be extra muscle mass from all the running or water weight. Plus or minus a few pounds can easily be water. I recommend weighing your self each morning and plot your weight to identify long term trends. Also, if you have a hear rate monitor, use it when you work out. Its possible your not spending enough time in your aerobic zone.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Don't listen to what mean people write as comments here, they are not worth it and will never understand! I am half Swedish but live in the US (my brother lived in Sweden for 2 years and spent some time in Malmo) so I like that I can relate to you. Best of luck darling and I hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

TSA said...

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TSA said...

TO ASSHOLE WHO SAID: "Yes, you ARE ugly- because you are quite obviously mentally deficient."

Eating Disorders are mental illnesses you fuck bag. If you don't like what the girl writes in her blog, then you should leave you ignorant cum guzzler!


that's_me said...

There are too many people as.."bad"..as you. I'm included.

I mean, not pro Ana, but PRO our life I guess.

I've just read cause i found your blog interesting, so.. hope i keep visiting it.

Good luck girl