How fast?

Please, I need your honest opinion: Is it possible to lose 5 kg / 11 lbs in 45 days? What will I need to do to lose so much that fast? Is a deficit of 500 cals per day enough?


PeriAdot (G+P) said...

It's possibly to lose up to 1kg a week to keep it off for a long time, according to my physio. I'd say your goal sounds do-able :)
Fitday.com can tell you the EXACT restriction you need each day


Leni said...

Thanks for the info! I already registered there now... xxx

**Dreamer** said...

I cannot believe that someone is proud in Ana!
I cannot believe!
But i don't want to be some of these guys how only are able to critizis!
I have a Ana too and I do all to fight against it...but often i loose!
When you have some free minutes, please visit my blog, and wite me a comment in which you try to explain me why you love her.

PS. Yes, you are able to loose 5 kg in 45 days! I lost 8kg in 6 weeks

*strawberry//shortcake* said...

a deficit of 3500 calories will cause u to lose 1 lb a day

Phöbus said...

take a knife or a weapon. after 45 days there is no more left than ash in a urn.

Anonymous said...

don't eat more than 20g of carbs per day, or too much over 1,000 calories. I lost 10lbs in a little over 2 weeks during the summer. you'll eat more fatty foods, but that's okay..it's not eating fat that necessarily makes you fat.

Anonymous said...

Have you watched Biggest Loser? They're dropping 20 pounds in 1 week! LOLOLOLOL. I understand the larger you are, the more you lose....but 20 pounds? I need to get on that show!

Nata said...

This is really bad. Don't do this to yourself. You're not fat.
If you want to be thinner, eat almonds and bananas; both are very filling but not fatty. This is a HELATHY way to stay slim. Jogging works to. But you need to eat. That's NOT enough calories.

LaLuLei said...

Hello...Leni, is it? I hope you are doing well. I hope you're still alive. I found you blog quite by accident. I'm not an anorexic, quite the opposite in fact. I weigh about 233lbs. and am 5'6''. Luckily I carry my weight well as I'm a mesomorph body type, which means I put on muscle fast and my body distributes extra weight in the right proportions.

But enough about me. I wanted to tell you how fascinating I find your blog. I'm not here to judge you. You already know your issues. I'm sure people tell you all the time how beautiful you are, and I'm sure they worry constantly after your health. But the concern of others means little, doesn't it? You're the only one who has to deal with the voices in your head, and until you get out of your head nothing is going to ever change.

Of course you'll never be happy living the way you do, and you'll end up hurting a lot of people who love you, but if you're prepared to accept that then you have my full support. Your life is yours to do with whatever you want--even throw it away. And, no, none of this is sarcasm. I'm being totally sincere. Had I not heard of you at all your tragic death at the hand of self starvation would have had no bearing on my life. But now that I've read through several months recordings of your ups and downs, your daily paranoia over your diet, your jealousies of people who you judge more beautiful than yourself, strangely enough I prefer that you not die. So please forgive my selfishness at wanting your experiment to fail. Yes, I hope you fail at this. Meaning, I hope that your fear loses its influence over you because you are out of control.

I hope that you will not be so afraid anymore to let go of your dependency. But it's totally up to you. Good luck and get well.

Anonymous said...

yes is possible without problem

Anonymous said...

leni, i know you're pro ana. BUT let me share with you my personal situation and i can tell you its effective. when i was 13 i was about 15 cm shorter than i am now, 155 cm i weighed 75 kilos! now thats fat, i put this weight on because i started using the pill (diane e 35) which it prevents pregnancy but is also prescribed to people with very bad pimples and really bad hormone fluxes, it also makes you gain weight. it was this year that i stopped eating. i could go 4 days off just 2 apples and litres upon litres of water, i wasted away indeed, i got down to 42 kilos.i was proud of every bone that showed. everyone complimented me and i started to eat again thinking i dont have to watch myself anymore i would stay off. i soon found myself eating like a raging animal i couldnt stop i became a binge eater and i soon put on 10 kilos, i began to purge but this only kept my water weight down. So i went to a nutritionist, she came up with a meal plan for me, balanced carbs vs protein i think i was on an 80/20% diet which is a lot liek 80% of the time you must east strictly healthy and nurture the body and 20% you're allowed to spoil your body with carbs but healthy and low gi ones and you're allowed one sweet food. this helped for a while i stuck to the diet but i still couldnt stop binging soon after that i gained weight and reached 65 kilos, i was just yoyoing like crazy. i went to europe smoked ciggerettes like a chimeny and went clubbing everyday i came back home 55 kilos, i got back to 60 soon after. i was fed up with this. but i did realise my new equilibrium weight was now 60 and slightely under and no longer 75. my body couldnt gain more weight if i tried, i tied up this knowledge with my europe trip, where i was exercising more than ever in my life without realising it. so i got a gym member ship. i got myself a personal trainer and never looked back, my personal trainer helped me get to 53 kilos, and perfectly toned. i do yoga and pilates to makes my muscles lean and feminine. i surf every day to keep my metabolism up. eating unhealthy does not cross my mind because as a health addict you realise all the time and energy you put into your self and the perfection you aim for cannot be ruined by a donut. your body becomes a temple where you only allow good things in and you want to feed it all the best foods possible. however here coems the advantage over the ana's. you can eat chocolate or a donut because you know that a donut will take 20 minutes on a treadmill or a light 30 minute walk. as a health freak you're no longer lazy and you will exercise because you know that a healthy body is the key to a healthy life, later on you wont have cardiac or liver or kidney or bone problems like an ana will, and at 60 you'll be a gilf grandmother i'd like to fuck). leni you are thinking far too short term, think long term. think looking beautiful forever, and think feeling beautiful forever. i never thought in my whole life that i'd be a bikini model part time. nor did i ever think that i would no longer have my mind plagued by how i look or feel like i was to stressed to do anything because all that was in mind mind was my weight. I lost all my fat im about 8% body fat, which is only essential fats, which means i can have kids one day which an ana risks on a daily basis. im asking you to look into the future and see yourself feeling and looking beautiful. not guilty and imperfect. you're hurting your body. a healthy body is key to beauty and "thinness". go to the fucking gym and eat healthy before you kill yourself. I'm 23 and proud of myself and i know i look good, i know i wont have the health defects you will have if you keep doing this, liek prous bones osteoperosis, inability to have kids, stomach ulcers , poor metabolism, shit immune system etc must i go on.? if you want a meal plan and a training plan feel free to ask me. i will give you mine.

Anonymous said...

Still alive?

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